Chubby Candy’s First Time with Ultrasonic Facelift

Chubby Candy’s First Time with Ultrasonic Facelift

If you haven’t tried Ultrasonic Facelift, this review might offer insights for you.

To begin with, I was born with a chubby face. The good thing is, I look younger than my actual age. But, as time goes by, there are marks of aging on my face, and I had been a bit lazy to take care of my skin for a while. Wrinkles and smile folds (nasolabial folds) start to appear on my face and my skin texture is not tight as it used to be.

The sagging cheeks had irritated me enough so I decided to pay a visit to NICE Clinic to find a resolution. It was a nice sunny afternoon when I went to NICE Clinic.

For transportation, just take MRT to Zhongxiao Fuxing or Zhongxiao Dunhua station and walk 5 minutes.

The front desk staff are nice and friendly, and the lobby is clean and quiet. I really care about quietness, because I can’t relax in a noisy environment while receiving the treatment.

NICE Clinic provides sufficient level of privacy, which is very important to me. I had got a warm welcome from the manager of NICE Clinic. She is like a friendly sister.

Cookies and refreshments are free for patients, so the wait was not bad since I didn’t eat anything before I came to NICE Clinic.

Dr. Lin was the one consulting with me and also the one to conduct the treatment for me. He is the chief doctor of the clinic, very kind and professional. He paid great attention to details about my concerns and offered me useful solutions.

I came to NICE Clinic this time mainly to deal with my sagging cheeks. In fact, I had concaved, hollow cheeks at the time ‘cause I had lost some weight. The curves of my cheeks were not smooth as I wanted them to be.

After a while of professional consultation, Dr. Lin suggested Ultrasonic Facelift this time. And, he did find out my smile folds, and I can’t blame anyone but myself. So, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) will be applied. The nurse who was assisting Dr. Lin in my treatment helped me rinse my skin and applied some anesthetic. She was very good at it and I felt extremely comfortable.

Because the facelift was mainly targeting somewhere around the mid or the bottom areas of my face, the anesthetic was applied for that purpose.

After the anesthetic, facial ice pack was on my face while waiting for the ultrasonic facelift.

I heard that this was the latest ultrasonic machine for my treatment, and I was fortunate to have this opportunity. I was so looking forward to starting it.

Reminder: all metals on the body have to be taken off before the treatment begins.

When the treatment began, it was like a cross feeling of warm and hot, which was comfortable. Some gels were applied on my cheeks to accelerate the lifting effects.

It was my first time experiencing ultrasonic facelift, and it wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. It was a little hot indeed, but I can stand it.

But when the pulse was increased, it was getting really “hot”, and Dr. Lin constantly asked about how I felt. For the beauty and skin texture of my face, I can stand it. Overall, it was like a hot face message.

Reminder: if you indeed felt uncomfortable, please let the doctor know right away.

After the ultrasonic facelift, it’s time to deal with the smile folds and Dr. Lin began the injections around nice and quick. It didn’t hurt much.

Dr. Lin performed the injection like a true expert, with almost no blood coming out and the pinhole was extremely micro. In fact, not even a bruise appeared when I got home.

Here’s the miracle happened: the noticeable smile folds became unnoticeable.

My face felt a bit hot and puffed up after the whole treatment. It kind of looked like a natural blush in photos. No feeling of pain or discomfort. Before I stepped out of the clinic, the shop manager gave me some anti-biotic and also ointment to deal with the redness parts.

The redness pretty much faded the day after the treatment, so I didn’t use the ointment. Now that my face is so lifted, my skin is even tighter and silkier than it used to be.

The smile folds have become unnoticeable and I like my rejuvenated look now. This photo shows how I looked a week after the treatment, with makeup on.

I am very happy about the changes done by NICE Clinic. I am looking forward to the next visit for another rejuvenation. The contact information of NICE Clinic is below. Just give them a call if you need any help.

Nice Clinic

6F., No.126-6, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.) TEL:02-2778-0111

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