Wiwi’s Luxurious Adventure at NICE Clinic

Wiwi’s Luxurious Adventure at NICE Clinic

5-Star Services, Well-Priced


I always prefer the cosmetic clinics that are elegant, quiet and high-class, and friendly staff who never forget to smile at customers. The moment I entered NICE Clinic, I took off my shoes, and walked in light steps and talked in whisper-like voices. That was what I called a quality afternoon with some refreshments. The staff came and offered some tea, and there were snacks, mirror and magazines on the table, giving me a 5-star feeling.


The nurse for my treatment was Rei-Rei. She’s so well-maintained that I was so shocked when I heard her age (really got taken care of, and by their own doctors, but age is a secret).

The doctor for my treatment: Dr. Bo-Zho, Lin.



Dr. Lin was brilliant, and why would I say that?

He spotted my freckles and pores problem that had irritated me for a while as I have to be in front of cameras at times.

I have tried countless skin care products but it seemed like the spending was in vain.

Honestly, I had an audition that night when I walked in NICE Clinic and I was hesitate to receive a treatment from a Fraxel Dual Laser, but I was so satisfied that I decided to take it try.

Particularly my nose, the pores are much shrunk. I was so happy about it.

I didn’t worry about the freckles, as the laser was conducted in the hypodermis layer. No would or any sort was on my dermis. I could just put on my make right away.

I could head straight to my audition right away and it was successful.

The whole treatment was like a having a skin care in a nice SPA. I didn’t exaggerate, seriously. The nurse helped me remove my makeup while I was just lying down and rest. After anesthetic was applied, the nurse then placed a facial mask on my face, and I was still lying down and getting comfortable.

It felt kind of interesting the first time having anesthetic all over my face.


My nurse Rei-Rei


Because I needed to take this photo, I asked the nurse not to remove the makeup on my eyebrow and my eye shadow.

Once the anesthetic was applied, I entered another room. A special goggle was on for laser treatment.

This was the instrument for my treatment. Actually, I wasn’t nervous or afraid throughout the treatment. Honestly speaking, I am the type of person who can’t stand being hurt.

I had thread lifting before, and I could endure it, but this was less invasive (I did feel a bit nervous as it was my first time for laser).

The doctor was being nice; he told the laser was like taking a flash-enabled photo. I was so happy that I had revived my face, while having some tea and chat time here.

There are something I wanted to buy in this shop.

The Revival Masks series and the Cabin Crew’ Secrets series

The gift box set was $1,380, and I was given 3 bonus pieces.


The box was so nice that I felt bad, so bad, to open it.


There are multiple types of masks with manuals inside. It was made to meet all types of needs.

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