Amy’s First Experience with Ultrasonic Facelift

Amy’s First Experience with Ultrasonic Facelift

My initial experience with Ultrasonic Facelift at NICE Clinic, the right decision that gave me the total new feelings

Let’s begin with the concerns about my skins.

Even though I tried so hard to convince myself that I would be a young girl forever, it is inevitable that I am approaching the age of “30’s” soon, a very difficult stage to pass, “mentally and psychologically”

It is kind of harsh for women between 30’s and 40’s.

I have spent more efforts in taking care of my skin conditions than my friends at my age group. For example, I have long consumed the Total V Contouring Serum from Clarins since my 20’s, and collagen has always been part of my diet.

I am also a long-time user of ALBION Lift Concentrate Milk D.R, and I massage my face on a daily basis. In other words, I spend tremendous efforts for my face. It’s my life!

However, especially in recent years, I have realized what Newton had discovered about “gravity”, well, the gravity that is pulling my face downward and I didn’t want it to go that way. Well, no one can resist gravity.

No matter how hard I tried, the marks of aging are still on my face. The path for ladies to pursue beauty and appearance never ends!

The following photo was taken days ago after work, and it really made me cry (actually, there were countless moments that I wanted to cry at the time of writing this article).

Fatigue, stress and unhealthy diet from job had caused this anemic look of my face, and I was highly irritated by the Nasolabial folds (smile folds) and the falling, meaty cheek.

Still don’t believe how bad my problem is? Sure, let’s take another one that focused more about the bottom part of my face.

See it? The angle that most teenage girls take for selfie, is obviously meaty and falling.


Convinced, right? This is the most unwanted gift for growing up, given by “gravity”.

In fact, my body has been caught with Keloid so that I can’t stand pain. In the past, I thought I was young so I had negative impression about cosmetic surgery.

Perhaps it is also the social norm that made me think it’s not some place where we should go.

That’s why I was seriously lacking any knowledge of this type of things until a reunion where my friends were talking about cosmetic surgeries, and then I realized how unknowledgeable I was.

There was something my friend said that really woke me up

“The money you spent on skin care products is more than enough to enjoy a cosmetic treatment”, said my friend.

“But isn’t it risky? I can’t stand any pain and I am very outdated about such things. Besides, I can’t really take days off from work. And, how would I go through the recovery period?”, I replied.

“Of course not. I usually get it done around the lunch break and then get back to work. It saves lots of time. Besides, I now spend less than half of what I had spent for skin care products. Think about the money and time you can save”, added my friend.

“uh, I don’t think I would do it ……….”, I refused reluctantly.

However, as a modern woman like me, I must learn to spend less time and get better results.

So I started to search about cosmetic surgeries on Google on my way home.

I came across NICE Clinic with good reviews. The location is convenient to me. I purposely posted some messages on the Facebook Fan Page of NICE Clinic and made some inquiries. Fortunately, I received prompt replies with adequate feedbacks about what kinds of treatments I need. So, what am I waiting for? I made a booking right away.

This is the link for the Facebook Fan Page of NICE Clinic

I didn’t put on any makeup the moment I walked into NICE Clinic for Ultrasonic Facelift. Honestly speaking, it was a mixed feeling of expectation and anxiety at the same time, kind of like the first time to fall in love when I was a teenager.

This is the photo taken when I was about to walk into the door.

The interior décor relaxed me quite a bit. The design by using wooden materials does offer a relaxation for customers and patients.


The moment I stepped into the clinic, a beautiful lady, who is the consultant of NICE, came to me about my questions and filled some forms.

I indeed looked nervous and inexperienced. The beautiful consultant was very patient to answer my questions (indeed, I ask many, many questions, especially when I am facing a doctor).

My meaty cheeks are so obvious from the side look, really killing my mood at times.

Once I filled out the forms, the beautiful consultant took me a room to get ready. She helped clean my face and clear my makeup.

Frankly speaking, for someone enjoying Spa like me, I really liked it, making me comfortable and relaxed.

She did a good job at removing my makeup. I could feel she applied some nice stuff, because it made my skin clean without being too dry.

I took a moment to the bathroom after she cleaned my skin and removed my makeup. I was getting ready to my step, the step to rejuvenate my face.

Then I headed to the treatment room to get ready. I was accompanied by an assistant, the beautiful consultant, and a doctor.

This time I had Dr. Bo-Zho, Lin as the physician for my treatment. He has great sense of humor and paid attention to great details. I was highly relived.

Some transparent and mild gel were applied and I was about to be with the machine.

This machine is NICE-exclusive, and only two in Taiwan.

The treatment went unexpectedly smooth, totally opposite from what my friends told me about the pain and burning smell whenever each shot was delivered.

The doctor told me this warm ultrasonic tube for the treatment is exclusive for NICE. It didn’t burn or hurt. I could let go my worries.

The doctor reminded that if there were any discomfort during the treatment, just talk to him.

Indeed, it’s necessary to have full communications and feedback with doctors, since trust is essential in this business.

OK, let’s get started.

Let’s share some knowledge about ultrasonic facelift

I found this link below from NICE Clinic’s official website.

When ultrasonic shots are delivered, the warm pulses will generate 8,000 to 10,000 focal points causing tissue coagulation, in order to form and regenerate collagen. The warm pulses are beneficial for our skin tissue in the following aspects:

  1. The acoustic energy with elevated temperature will cause the lifting and tightening of collagen and the subcutaneous tissues such as SMAS. You may feel the skin tightened up after the treatment, like denatured.
  2. The collagen is regenerated by the elevated temperature of focused beams. As individual varies from physical constitution and aging conditions, the effects of ultrasonic facelift normally appear 3 to 6 months afterward, and can be retained for 1 to 2 years.
  3. Indeed, the technology in cosmetic treatment has leaped in miles. The elevated warm energy can be delivered into the SMAS layers to regenerate collagen and then lift, tighten and rejuvenate our skin.

This is totally a technology invented for women! Actually, at that moment, I wanted to LINE my mom to come to the clinic for the same treatment. In fact, I believe the effects would be even more apparent on my mom’s face.

When I was told that “the effects will gradually become obvious in 3 to 6 months”and “retainable for around two years”, I just loved it. I can’t wait to see the “revived me” in coming 6 months and last for so long. Since then, I have a totally different perspective about cosmetic surgeries.

The temperature got warmer and warmer when the doctor was operating the instrument, but it was bearable. But if you find it too hot, or any discomfort, let the doctor know immediately.

The doctor placed more emphasis on my sagged cheeks, and at the moment, I could really felt that he knew me so well, and yes, he got me out of the misery of saggy face.

When half of my face was done, we took a break and the consultant brought me a mirror, and I was like, “OMG”, the done part of my face is so lifted. Well, it was obviously unbalanced.

The feeling of being lifted was very obvious and I believed my mood was “lifted” as well. After the treatment, the face could be a little warm and reddish, but no discomfort at all.

The consultant took me a room to recover after the treatment. She placed a healing herbal mask on my face as a way to calm my skin. At that moment, I decided to take some shut eye.

The following is the “After” photo.

The whole process was smooth, nothing uncomfortable, and I was totally ok to go onto my next thing to do that day, having a hot pot dinner with my friends.

The consultant told me that I would feel the GREAT difference in 3 to 7 days. I was so looking forward to it. Sometimes, we got to try something new.

A selfie of me – Day 3

It was a nice weekend day and I hang out with my friend in a coffee shop. It was 3 days after my treatment, so I took a picture as a record.

I could see my face tightened and lifted from the picture. I took another photo from the side, and look, can you see the difference?

I personally feel the GREAT differences, especially from the side.

But I admit that I was a bit greedy. Although my face had indeed been lifted, I wished it could have been lifted even MORE. Well, a little too demanding!

A selfie of me – Day 7

As days went by, it was day 7 already, and I thought it could be a good idea to take a selfie in office when everyone else left.

I was so, so, so surprised when I looked at the picture.

My whole face and the cheeks were further lifted, OMG!

Women are born to pursue beauty and appearance. This is what makes women confident.

Looking at the “rejuvenated me”, I was so hyped up and I believe this couldn’t have been achieved by coffee.

The once-saggy cheeks are now so lifted. What a great sense of accomplishment!

I couldn’t stop it but took another selfie right away.

Day 7 was a day of selfie, lots of selfie, non-stop. Hope you have enjoyed my story and I will keep you updated.

Another selfie from the side (you could probably feel that I used to be very concerned about the side)

Information about NICE Clinic is in the following:

NICE Clinic

Facebook fan page

Address: 6F, No. 126-6, Zhongxiao E. Road, Da’an District, Taipei City

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