Double Eyelid Surgery

Non-incision Buried Suture Technique

This non-incisional buried suture technique allows for the surgeon to perform double eyelidplasty without making large incisions. Instead, small pin holes are made barely large enough for the needles to pass through. Sutures are repeatedly passed from one hole to another underneath the skin so as to have its name “buried” under the skin and finally come out of the hole where it started to make a knot. The knot is also buried under the skin. Therefore, bleeding or swelling is minimal immediately after surgery. The operation is so simple that surgery itself takes only about 10 minutes. The sutures can either be left inside permanently or removed later. It is the natural fibrosis around the suture that maintains the form of the double fold. The main advantage of this technique is rapid recovery after the operation and technical ease.

Excellent candidates of this operation are those who are in their teens or in their twenties with good skin elasticity. They must also have moderate amount of muscle and fat volume around the eyes because this operation cannot remove skin, muscle or fat if they are in excess amount.

Benefits of Non-incision Buried Suture Technique

  • Quick operation time
  • Naturally-shaped double eyelid as if you have not received any operation.
  • Minimum damage to the tissue. Quick recovery.
  • Naturally-shaped double eyelid
  • Easy to receive a re-operation since the operation would not damage the tissue much.
  • You can go back to the normal routines as soon as possible.

Incision Buried Suture Technique

The incision technique double eyelidplasty entails a horizontal incision on the double fold that is about to be created. Therefore, scar is hidden right at the double fold. This inconspicuous incision at the upper eyelid allows the surgeon to manipulate fat surrounding the eyeball,(orbital fat), the eye-closing muscle (OOM: Orbicularis oculi muscle), the eye-opening muscle (LPS : Levatorpalpabraesuperioris) and the skin to make the most ideal double eyelid.

Although double-eyelidplasty is a rather simple operation, the entire procedure is all about sculpturing: some of the OOM and the orbital fat will be removed if these are in excess amount. The LPS can be plicated (partly folded onto itself and sutured) to shorten if necessary. If you have eyes with thick skin including muscles and fat around the eyes, you are definitely recommended for the incision technique.


  • The most basic but at the same time, the most difficult
  • You can have the clearest double eyelid
  • You can have different double eyelids as you like
  • Suitable for all eye shapes
  • More suitable for eye with fat
  • You should receive the incision technique performed by a surgeon who has both the skills and sense of beauty

Partial Incision Buried Suture Technique

This technique is a combination of the incision-technique and the non-incision buried suture technique of double eyelidplasty. Advantages of the each technique are As an operation which would require only the minimum incision, it keeps the double eyelid placed tightly on the skin. You will hardly have scars after the operation.


  • The minimum incision operation which have worked both on the burying and the incision
  • You will hardly have scars
  • You will have double eyelids with long lasting durability
  • The minimum incision technique makes incision less than 2mm