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Doublo Ultrasound Facelift

Doublo ultrasound facelift is a non-invasive treatment adopting HIFU (high-intensity-focused-ultrasound) technology to accurately transmit the required energy into the skin layers and to tighten SMAS Fascia for facelift. The transmitted energy will stimulate the generation of collagen in 3 to 6 months to bring back the lifted and tightened facial skin.

Three Major Benefits of Doublo

  • High-level Energy: a single focus point can reach up to 51 J/cm2
  • Reduced Discomfort: enhanced user experience by reducing discomfort
  • Optimal Results: Multi-wave HIFU technology offering the optimal tightening and lifting results

Non-Surgical Facelift: Doublo

Anti-aging has recently been the buzzword in medical, and non-surgical facelift procedures are particular popular.

NICE Clinic offers well-experienced HIFU Doublo equipments to help women in their anti-aging efforts with non-surgical procedures.

Doublo Features

  • Non-invasive facelift
  • Optimal results without cosmetic surgery
  • Penetrate from dermis to SMAS layers
  • Non-surgical procedure: fast recovery without scar
  • Assured safety and precision in treatments with sophisticated monitoring
  • Lasting 1 to 2 years per treatment

Applicable Conditions

  • Tightening and lifting for all facial areas
  • Aging skin: enhance elasticity and facial lift
  • Loose skin: particularly the areas such as fine lines around the eyes, nasolabial folds, Marionette line and double-chins.
  • Falling eyelids: tighten the skin around the forehead to lift the eye shapes.
  • Wrinkles: eliminate the wrinkles around forehead, eyes, lips and neck

Post-Therapy Cautions

  • There might be slight reddish parts immediately after the treatment, which shall disappear after 30 minutes to couple hours.
  • Patients can wash face and apply moisture and sunscreen after the therapy.
  • Avoid alcohol and spicy food if skin reddish appears.
  • Avoid intensive workouts, sauna and hot shower.
  • It is suggested to consult with your physicians before treatments if you have received operations such as laser, Comfort Pulse Technology or injections within the past 3 months.