DiscoveryPico Case

My skin condition used to be so worst and terrible. No just only the oily skin, my skin is super easy for having a pimple. Also, I love to squeeze the pimple so they leave many scars on my face. Sometimes due to my busy work routine. My skin condition become more unstable, so it makes my skin color more uneven, and have skin pore problems at the same time.

After considering, I decided to remove all those scars on my face. After a consult with a doctor, I tell the doctor I wish to remove the scar and smaller my pore as soon as possible. Even though the recovery period will become longer, my skin condition become more glowing, and the pore and scar problems also improve a lot after the operation. From now on I can feel free to no makeup and hang out with a friend!


What is DiscoveryPico?

「Pico」is a unit of time, is 10⁻¹² sec
For one shot for DiscoveryPico is 1000 times faster than Laser Toning!

DiscoveryPico has a short period of pulse, it can collect the energy and release a strong light shock wave at the same time. It no just only can break the melanin into dust, but it can also tighten the pore. Because the work duration of DiscoveryPico is very short. So it can reduce the heat damage to the skin, shorten the recovery period, and let you feel more comfortable during your recovery period. Compare with the traditional laser, it can no easy for PIH, and can solve problems such as dark skin, pores, acne, or scar.

The 6 Features of DiscoveryPico


Best result for removing skin spot

The high output power breaks the melanin accurately


Reduce the risk of PIH

The super short shock wave can reduce the risk of PIH


The two waves can solve many problems

DiscoveryPico has 1064/432 two waves, it can improve shallow and deep layers of skin at the same time. Solve dark skin, pores, skin spots, and scar


Short recovery period

It only needs a short recovery period and also it has fewer bleeding spots, so you can back to your daily life right on the next day


Stimulate collagen growth

It can stimulate collagen and elastin growth


Different probes for solving different skin problems

DiscoveryPico had 8 types of rainbow probes and 3 types of the light spot. All can mix and match


DiscoveryPico vs Traditional Laser

Remove spot is using a laser to break the big piece of melanin into small pieces and it will be excreted to the outside of the body. Because the DiscoveryPico has strong power, so can break the color spots into dust quickly. It no just only helps your skin become whitened, can improve your skin pore too. Also, one time of DiscoveyrPico is 3~4 times of traditional laser, and the risk of PIH is lower too.

DiscoveryPico (Ps)

During the short shock wave, it can generate a strong wave effect. It can break the melanin into dust and is easy for the body to absorb. Plus, it is low skin heat damage, a short recovery period is not easy for PIH and it has more effective results.

Traditional laser (Ns)

The length of the pulse is longer, it uses photothermolysis in the treatment. The melanin only can be broken into small pieces, not helpful for the body to absorb. Plus it will leave much heat damage on the skin, so the skin will be flushed skin for a long time and it will raise the risk of PIH.

Name of machine DiscoveryPico Traditional Laser
Duration of shock wave Ps(10⁻¹²) Ns(10⁻9)
Logic Light shock wave Pphotothermolysis
Heat damage remains on the skin Low,Short recovery period High, long recovery period, flushed skin
Result Remove melanin,tattoo,scar,pore,wrinkle and improve skin condition Remove melanin
Stable for energy High Low
Side effect No have any side effect PIH,skin fair,blister,scar

DiscoveryPico vs another brand of Pico

There is a different brand of Pico Laser, which one should I choose?

Only for laser machine which is satisfied 「The time unit for an energy hit in once is Ps 」, which is Pico Laser. But the DiscoveryPico is the most high-tech machine so far. It can release the energy effect, and for the more high-tech Pico Laser machine, the shorten shock wave duration is.

DiscoveryPico has the shortest shock wave duration and is the only machine that has two shock wave modes. It can improve skin pores, scars, skin spots, etc. It is safe and effective during the operation.

Name of the machine Discovery PICO Picosure Picoway Picocare
Name of Treatment Discovery Pico Picosure Picoway Picocare
Taiwan TFDA V V V V
Logic Light shock wave + photothermal Light shock wave Light shock wave Light shock wave
Treatment wavelength 1064/532nm 755nm 1064/532nm 1064/532nm
Duration of pulse 370/450ps
Second fast
Highest energy 1.8GW 0.36GW 0.89GW 0.75GW
Instant Power 800mJ/300mJ 200mJ 400mJ/200mJ 600mJ/300mJ
Focus Technology Refix super lens Focus lens array Holographic lens Normal microlens

8 types of DiscoveryPico probe + 3 types of light spot

Round Light Spot


Improve wrinkle and skin condition
Round Light Spot


Shallow layer
Spot, freckle
Round Light Spot


Deep layer
Birthmark, nevus
Square Light Spot


Remove tattoo
Round Light Spot


Whitening part of the skin
Round Light Spot


Whitening and even skin color
Dot Light Spot


Pore and scar
Round Light Spot


Uneven skin color
Whitening deeper layers of skin
Round Light Spot
Round Light Spot

Spot, Tonin
Easy for the doctor to use

Square Light Spot
Square Light Spot

Shot on tattoo
The less overlap, the less damage

Dot Light Spot
Dot Light Spot

Improve skin condition
New collagen growth

Refix Super Lens

The newest technology for removing a tattoo

DiscoveryPico can use it to remove tattoos! Use the laser energy to break the tattoo pigment granule. The body will execute all these impurities out from the body. Because of the many colors of the tattoo and the different layers of pigment. So it is more difficult to remove the tattoo.

The tattoo which is easy to remove

Grey, black and blue is the most easier tattoo to remove! The more simple the color of the tattoo is and even if the tattoo is been over more than 1 year, still able to remove the tattoo.

The tattoo which is difficult to remove

Colorful, bigger areas of tattoo, yellow, green, and red tattoos need to take 8-10 times to completely remove it.

Refix super lens

Improve your skin pore and scar

Refix super lens can collect the DiscoveryPico energy at once, focus and enlarge 24 times, can enhance the treatment energy! For the skin pore problem, can use the Pico Laser with the Refix super lens, it can collect the energy to your dermis and able to stimulate collagen growth. Not just for improving the skin pore, and skin tightening, it also can reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

The scar is mainly because of the infection, and it causes scar tissue growth. So we need the higher energy Pico Laser with Refix super lens. The energy collected can be helping to break the scar tissue inside your skin layer, stimulate skin growth and maintain the complete condition of your skin. If you want to remove the scar it usually needs more times of the Pico Laser treatment.

Normal Laser Lens

The energy is no focus, so the heat damage area becomes bigger with a longer recovery period

Picosure Lens

The energy is able to focus, the heat damage area is smaller and it can reach until dermis to stimulate the collagen growth

6 Problems that DiscoveryPico can solve

Remove spots in shallow & deep layer

Improve melanin & uneven skin color

Scar & acne

Contract pore and pore problem

Remove tattoo

Tightening wrinkles or fine lines

Who is available for DiscoveryPico?

Dark skin
or spot

Improve aging skin
or pores

Remove tattoo and
improve uneven skin color

DiscoveryPico normally uses to treat melanin problems, such as spots, dark, uneven skin color, tattoos, etc. For those who want to improve the skin from the pore, acne, aging, etc. We recommend you can choose DiscoveryPice as your first solution. The short recovery period, effective result, and availability for all types of skin, that is why DiscoveryPico has been so popular.

Matters needing attention after the operation


It will be a bit swollen and if it starts to form a scab, please don’t scratch it. It will avoid your skin from leaving any scars or hyperpigmentation.


Please stop using any product containing acid, whitening, scrub, AHA, PHA, BHA, and alcohol. It can prevent any PIH.


Please stop going to any high-temperature place, such as a sauna or hot spring.


Remember to extra moisturize and sunblock after treatment. It can slow down the PIH.

DiscoveryPico FAQ

Discoverypice is a non-invasive treatment, so it will be applied anesthetic before treatment. With the faster laser shot, it will stay on your skin for only a few seconds, so the risk of heat damage will be reduced and it is less painful.

The logic for DiscoveryPico is using light shock waves to break the melanin, it can improve dark skin, pores, spots, acne, etc. One time of DiscoveryPico is the 3-4 times of traditional laser. With the low side effect, and the short recovery period, not easy for PIH, to be swollen, bleed, and form a scab.

It takes 1-3 days to recover. And you can apply to make up on the next day.

You can see the result after one treatment instantly. But it all depends on everybody's condition. But to completely improve dark skin, pores, acne, spot, etc it needs more times of treatment for better results. Also, we suggest you can consult with our doctor for more treatment details.

It normally needs to wait for 4-6 weeks for each treatment.

The pulse of DiscoveryPico is the shortest one nowadays, so it can reduce the risk of heat damage to the skin. Compare with the traditional laser, the risk of swelling and PIH also will be reduced.

Aseptic Operating Room

Nice Clinic is using hospitality-level advanced machines and equipment.
Work with a professional medical center-level operating room,
making sure the operation is performed in a safe and aseptic environment.

Aseptic Operating Room

Nice Clinic is using hospitality-level advanced machines and equipment. Work with a professional medical center-level operating room, making sure the operation is performed in a safe and aseptic environment.

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