What is Morpheus8

Most of the non-invasive treatment is Thermage and Ulthera. But the Morpheus8 is the newest 「Microneedle electric wave」treatment. It combines microneedles and electric waves. Through a tiny needle and it will break the skin layer and dermal tissue, to stimulate the skin regeneration to respond. And the microneedle which moves deeper below your skin layer will release the electric wave at the same time. Because the electric wave is released in the deeper layer, plus the probe is uninsulated, it will not heat your skin layer and can be heating the deeper layer of dermal tissue in safety and accurate way.Morpheus8 is functional for stimulating collagen growth, and skin tightness, and improving wrinkle, cellulite, stretch marks, and skin aging.

MORPHUES8 Shot accurately

Improve fine lines,aging skin,sagging skin,etc


6 Features of Morpheus8


The shallow, medium, and deeper layers. For lifting, tightening, and improving wrinkle

The treatment layer can reach the fat layer tissue. Instantly tightening feeling

Use micro-needles during treatment. Control the depth of the needle accurately

The probe is designed with a grid,
so it can heat equally

One-time use probe.
Safe and clean

3 different sizes
of probe

Morpheus8 VS Traditional Micro-needles Electric Wave

The difference between Morpheus8 and traditional micro-needles is the heat stimulation area. The electric flow in Morpheus8 is moving between the micro-needles and the conducting strip for the probe. Traditional electricity only flows in the micro-needles. So Morpheus8 can have a wider treatment area and it can be given more heating area more completely. Also, it can improve the result of the face-lift, tightening and wrinkle, etc.

Process logic

.Only exist in micro-needle and conducting strip
.The wider treatment area
.Able to improve tissue
.Reach shallow, medium, and deep layer
.Safety micro-needle, release energy constantly

.Only exist in micro-needle
.Limit of transport the electric wave
.The only change for few amount of tissue

3 probes + 3 modes of Morpheus8




Probe Name 0K Probe 24K Probe 40K Probe
Image of Probe
Depth of treatment Shallow Medium & Shallow Deep
Pin number of probe Mirco 24 pins Mirco 24 pins Micro 40 pins
Feature The depth of treatment is fixed Flexible treatment depth Can reach the most deeper tissue

There are 3 types of probes for Morpheus8, and it is different depths and areas of treatment. Depending on each treatment part can use a different probe.

The main reason cause skin begins to sag


Change of body weight

If you lose weight in a short period, might cause the fastening change of your body fat tissue, and the follow-up is the skin will begin to sag.
This Morpheus8 treatment can stimulate the skin layer and the skin tissue and also can improve the sagging skin & cellulite.



During the pregnancy period, the skin of the stomach will expand at the same time. The fiber tissue of the stomach will start to expand and split. This is why after giving birth to a baby, the skin is already sagging. Especially the stretch mark, which is difficult to remove. Besides the stomach, including the butt, and thigh, both side of the waist and breast also has a high possible stretch mark.


Body aging

During aging, the collagen and metabolism will start to slow down. , if you are less from a workout, is easier for your skin to sag or get fat.Morpheus8 can stimulate the skin layer and skin tissue through the micro-needle, also heating the deeper layer of tissue at the same time by the electric wave. For the result of stimulating the growth of collagen, face-lift, tightening, improving wrinkles, stretch marks, etc.

Who is available for Morpheus8?


Skin care treatment


Aging cause wrinkle


Stretch mark


Not satisfied with the
result of Thermage and Ulthera

Matters needing attention for the operation


The swollen circumstance will disappear after a few hours.


The skin needs extra moisture, skin repair and also apply sunblock too.


Do not make up within 24 hours after the treatment.


Avoid going to places like saunas, hot springs or places is high temperatures. Also don’t use any scrub, AHA, PHA, and BHA products.


The treatment part will start to form a slight scab, but it will fall off from the skin after 3-5 days. Don’t scratch your skin.

Morpheus8 FAQ

You can apply the anesthesia before the treatment, it can reduce more of the pain feeling.

Each part usually needs 20-30 minutes. You can feel the skin tightening,face-life, sagging skin, and wrinkle improve instantly.

After the treatment, the swollen circumstance will start to disappear. After a few days, the position for treatment might have a bit of itch, swelling and numbness. But it will take 3-5 days to recover.

Most patients can feel the instant result after the treatment. But it all depends on everybody's condition. We recommend you can consult with our doctor to customize the best treatment for you.

Aseptic Operating Room

Nice Clinic is using hospitality-level advanced machines and equipment.
Work with a professional medical center-level operating room,
making sure the operation is performed in a safe and aseptic environment.

Aseptic Operating Room

Nice Clinic is using hospitality-level advanced machines and equipment. Work with a professional medical center-level operating room, making sure the operation is performed in a safe and aseptic environment.

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