What is Votiva?

Votiva is a non-invasive, female private zone treatment. Votiva treatment uses radio-frequency energy to reverse the signs of aging that can afflict the vagina just as easily as any other part of the body. You will only feel the heat and it is painless plus 0 wounds. It can improve tightness, dryness, itch, frequent urination, postpartum involuntary urination, or infection problem.

Compare this with the same treatment ‘Viveve’ which also use for the private zone. Votiva during treatment can be more accurate and no need for anesthesia before treatment. It can reduce the pain feeling and tightness in your private zone at once.

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Votiva insert into treatment zone & is painless

Common problems happen to Taiwanese Female



Postpartum involuntary urination

The weather in Taiwan is mostly moist. So it’s common for vaginitis circumstances. Females are born with a certain body structure when facing stress, anxiety, hypnosis, and menses it will cause your private zone to become itchy, discharge, or maybe worse situations such as pain feeling during sex or urination.
Plus, aging, being pregnant, and being climacteric, might cause you easily get an infection. And also the circumstance for relaxation, itch, dryness, smell, infection, discharge, or postpartum involuntary urination.No just impact on our body, mental health, or daily life. So it is important to make sure to take care of the private zone well to avoid getting any impact or infection.

5 Features or Votiva

Votiva Machine

Difference between Votiva and Viveve?
How to choose?


Single-use treatment strip
Limit of shot, Only treatment for half depth inside private zone

Viveve is single-cell energy. Need to use the conducting strip under the butt. During the operation, the cell energy will follow the conducting strip into the vagina, so it will avoid your skin burn.
The weakness of Viveve is only 250 shots for one probe. Based on the experiment study, it is only able to function for half-length in your vagina. Even though it still has a tightness effect, it is still not able to reach deeper. If want to treat the deeper area, need to purchase an extra Viveve probe. It all related to your budget, if you only able treatment for half-length, it might be have a different tightness area inside your vagina problem as well.

Safe & Multiple cell energy
Low price and able to operate for the whole length of the Vagina!

Votiva uses multiple cell energy probes, and it no needs to use any conducting strip.Votiva is the operation through cell energy and it can process all the areas inside your vagina. Since the Votiva can operate certain parts inside your vagina, it can increase the treatment period, and the probe can move back and forward. So Votiva can have the same result as Viveve but it becomes safe.
Votiva don’t have any limit of shot and the price is more affordable, we do recommend Votiva to most of our client.


Machine Votiva Viveve
Treatment Multiple cell energy,direct use Single cell energy.Need conducting strip
Shot Unlimited 250 shots for each probe
Need two probes for the whole area in the vagina
Fee 0 consumable & Affordable Consumable & Expensive

Who is available for Viveve?

1. Prevent vagina aging, regular treatment
2. Postpartum, climacteric
3. Postpartum involuntary urination, relaxation, dry or itchy
4. Feel pain during sex
5. Want to tighten, and increase the sensitivity of the vagina


1. Passing gas from the vagina
2. Feel heavy in the lower belly
3. Itchy or easy to get an infection
4. Give birth, frequent urination, postpartum involuntary urination
5. Climacteric, feel dryness in the vagina
6. Two circumstances from 1~5 happen at once

Matters needing attention before & after the operation


Clean your vagina one day before the operation.


If you have prolapse of the uterus, inflammation, tumor, or another infection is no suggestion for this treatment.


Pregnant,2 months after giving birth, diabetes, and immune system problem is not suggested for this treatment.


During menses is no allowed treatment. The best period of treatment is 3 days before menses and 3 days after menses was finished.


Vulva might feel a bit dry after the operation, but it will recover after a few days.


Avoid using hot water to shower or have sex.

Votiva FAQ

Votiva can treat the area more accurately and can solve the relaxation, and postpartum involuntary urination effectively. Also no need for anesthesia and reduce most of the pain. Giving you comfort feeling during the treatment. Plus, Votiva is more affordable.

Many patients notice changes almost immediately. But we do recommend to do every 6 months - 1 year. It can reduce the risk of vagina infection, cervix uterus infection, and cavum pelvis infection.

Votiva has an auto temperature adjust system, so you will not feel any pain during the process. Also, it no needs for anesthesia throughout the whole treatment.

The treatment area is including vulva and inner vagina. It can tighten the area. So the whole process needs 30-40 minutes for processing.

It will have a bit swollen, but it’s normal circumstances and the swelling will disappear after a few hours.

Because this treatment is 0 wound, so is no need for any recovery period. But remember avoid using hot wat to take shower and have sex.

Recommend waiting 2 months, is because to make sure the lochia can discharge 100%. For those who are postpartum involuntary urination, Votiva can solve the problem effectively.


Votiva can combine with filling labia majora treatment, labia minora treatment, or laser hair removal.

Aseptic Operating Room

Nice Clinic is using hospitality-level advanced machines and equipment.
Work with a professional medical center-level operating room,
making sure the operation is performed in a safe and aseptic environment.

Aseptic Operating Room

Nice Clinic is using hospitality-level advanced machines and equipment. Work with a professional medical center-level operating room, making sure the operation is performed in a safe and aseptic environment.

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