Exilis skin tightening is among the most recent FDA-ratified non-surgical procedures for skin tightening and minimizing fat from a particular part of the body.

Exilis focuses on and tightens parts of the body such as belly fat, thighs, inner thighs, upper arm fat, double chins, rhytids, wrinkles and fat deposits. Exilis also reduces any unneeded cellulite in the parts treated leading to tighter and smoother-looking skin.

Exilis Skin Tightening Procedure

The procedure results in permanent Exilis body shaping. However, to keep the results, one must be involved in a healthy routine that includes balanced diet choices and exercise, or else you may see reversal of the Exilis benefits. Exilis is the quickest, most effective body shaping treatment available. It takes about 20 minutes for one treatment. Many or several patients generally need four sessions, which should be arranged two weeks apart.

At the end of the four sessions, tighter skin and reduced cellulite are evident. Exilis skin tightening procedure is non-invasive. During the procedure, we use body contouring equipment that produces vibrations and radiofrequency energy to heat the tissues in the body. Exilis causes a metabolic response in the fat cells, making them shrink. Since the procedure happens externally and usually non-invasive, there is no scarring.

Exilis needs no recovery time. Therefore, one may attend a treatment during a lunch break and be able to return to work after the treatment without any noticeable difference. Exilis skin tightening treatment is non-painful, thus one of the best choices to target the problem areas. This revolutionary treatment uses a combination of cooling and heating to attain superior cosmetic results while keeping the patient comfortable. Exilis treatments are secure and entail no anesthesia, no downtime and no surgery. Moreover, the procedure provides quick, effective and visible results, usually after the initial session.

How Exilis Skin Tightening Works

Presently, the Exilis technology is in two models, BTL Exilis and BTL Exilis Elite. BTL Exilis Elite is a machine aimed for body treatments while BTL Exilis protege is an equipment for facial treatments. The main idea behind the technology revolves around stimulating particular targeted areas within the skin through radio frequency waves.

With different wave settings, the energy from the radio frequency penetrates the skin and heats up the different layers. For instance, exilis skin tightening functions by causing collagen production inside the skin. The exact radio frequencies loosen the collagen fibers, triggering fibroblasts to begin producing more of this protein. As a result, this causes skin-tightening impact in the long term, by creating the fiber network within the skin.

Exilis is used in fat reduction where the radiofrequency is delivered deeper inside the body tissues where the technology melts down the fat. The actual process operates by using energy to shrink the fat cells, which are melted down and eliminated from the treatment part of the body by the natural processes of the body.

Customizable Treatment

Exilis skin tightening procedure combines cooling technology and different radio frequencies, offering skin care professionals an array of treatment preferences. This ability to choose different settings is important for making a customizable Exilis treatment.

The skin’s thickness varies based on the body area being treated. Thus, a combination of cooling strength and radio frequency energy must be adjusted for maximum results. Do you need to tighten your skin, reduce wrinkles or eliminate fat without surgery or no downtime? Book your Exilis skin tightening procedure today!