Eye Side-opening

Eye Side-opening Operation

For those who have eyes which look too distant apart from each other that can look boring because of Mongolian line, the side-opening operation is performed to make the eyes look elegant and natural.

The surgeon manipulates the Mongolian fold by calculating the ratio most suitable to your facial proportions to give eye shapes as natural as possible.

The Medial Epicanthoplasty Front Side-opening Operation

  • Elimination of Mongolian lines (excess skin and soft tissue overlying the medial aspect of the eyes common among the Asian population)
  • Refreshing, soft eyes
  • The benefits would be maximized if you receive the double eyelid operation at the same time.

The Lateral Canthoplasty Rear Side-opening Operation

If you have narrow eyes horizontally, the eyes will look as if they are gathered in the middle, toward the nose. In that case, you need the lateral canthoplasty more than the normal double eyelid operation.
When the eyes are gathered towards the nose, you need to receive the rear side-opening operation which would have the border of the eyes expanded to the sides.


  • Quick operation
  • Quick recovery
  • Suitable for the eyes gathered in the middle
  • Suitable for the eyes narrow externally than internally
  • Suitable for both the angry and the sad eyes