Nipple Reshaping

Nipple Reshaping

To truly say what beautiful breasts are, the breasts and nipples should harmonize with each other. As essential requirements for beautiful breasts, the shape and firmness of the breasts are important and so is the shape of the nipples. ‘Inverted Nipples’ that reshapes inverted nipples and ‘Nipple Reduction’ which reduces too big or long nipples are safely conducted to achieve beautiful breasts.

Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples mean that the nipples are not protruding but inverted inwards. The cause of the inverted nipple is because of weak tissues which are to support the nipple or because of short lactiferous duct (that pull the nipple). Mostly, these symptoms come with the birth congenitally which can be corrected with nipple reshaping.

Candidates for Inverted Nipple Reshaping

  • An unmarried woman who doesn’t have any experience of mastitis or problems with breastfeeding and want to treat it before marriage for reasons of hygiene.
  • The surrounding area is contaminated and inflamed because of inverted nipples.
  • Multiparas who have experienced a problem with breast feeding or mastitis.
  • You are suffering from mental stress because of inverted nipples.

Operation Method of Inverted Nipples

There are two ways of inverted nipple correction preservation of lactiferous ducts that breast feeding is available, and non-preservation of lactiferous ducts that breast feeding is not available. The preservation technique is good for those who are planning breast feeding. However, in case the degree of inverted nipples is severe, there may be recurrence so if you have severely inverted nipples or if you’ve ever had nipple surgery, a non-preservation technique of nipple reshaping is recommended.

Nipple Reduction

Normally, the nipple is 1cm in diameter and 7mm in height. If the nipple is way too big or long and it doesn’t look good nor harmonize with your breast, it is called nipple hypertrophy. Nipple hypertrophy is, in most cases, because of acquired factors such as big nipples after breast feeding. Otherwise, there are some cases of big nipples by nature.

Candidates for Nipple Reduction

  • The nipples are way big by nature (Normally, the diameter is 1cm, height is 7mm)
  • The nipples became bigger by breast feeding
  • You are under mental stress because of a different nipple shape.

How to Reduce Nipple Size

You can preserve lactiferous ducts to breastfeed later or your can have the lactiferous ducts rejected, which breastfeeding is not possible.

Areola Reduction

The areola is the most ideal when the size of it is less than 1/3 of the whole breast, and a circle shape is considered to be beautiful. As you get older or if you have big breasts, the shape of the areola is deformed to an oval shape or the size is enlarged. If the areola is too big, the breast can look sagging which usually be correced with areola reshaping.

Areola reduction is a procedure that incises the rim of the areola or border of the nipple and reduces the areola to an ideal size with areola reshaping.

Candidates for Areola Reduction

  • The size of the areola is more than 1/3 of the breast, being way too big