Princess Abe’s Experience with Elixis Elite Ultrasonic Hot Sculpting

Princess Abe’s Experience with Elixis Elite Ultrasonic Hot Sculpting

Summer days are coming

It’s time to put on my mini-skirts and shorts


My figures may seem fine on the surface. But strictly speaking, I am not very satisfied with my thighs and waist, basically not slim enough to my standards.

Normally I don’t wear clothes revealing my waist, so I can cover it. But I am frustrated how difficult to reduce that extra in my thighs.

I have heard enough about “workout”. But, I eat more after workout, so it doesn’t seems like a good solution. A friend of mine mentioned “partial body sculpture” and it caught my attention.

I first talked with the beauty consultant about how body sculpture works. Wow look, nice sofa like what we see in fairy tales. I felt like I were Princess Snow White!

Let me check around and see what others do to upgrade their looks. My eyes were wide open when I spotted that Hyaluronic acid by Princess®

NICE Clinic offers free afternoon tea, very nice of them.

If you are sensitive about calories, there are soda crackers.

But I just can’t resist chocolate.

Let’s get to the measurement. My thigh was 49.5 cm before the treatment, something that irritated me the most. My thighs were dismay!

This is the Elixis Elite Ultrasonic Hot Sculpting.

It was a bi-weekly treatment for me, and took about 4 to 6 visits to use the instrument, or I should have said I was used by the instrument?

This new machine is only available in 2 clinics in the Northern Taiwan

The treatment is proved to be very safe, because it has passed various clinical tests. Besides being authorized by Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan, this machine also receives approval from U.S Food & Drug Administration and EU. The machine also works as wrinkle reduction, which rejuvenate our skin.

The machine is applicable to people aged 25 to 70 who are dissatisfied with their aging parts of the bodies, but are reluctant to receive surgeries.

I lied down comfortably and the electrical heat-conducting pads were already attached on my left calve.

Energy Waves in Multi-levels

You can control how deep the monopolar radio frequency energy go under the epidermis and even the dermis. You may adjust it to your needs, or you may switch functions between “skin tight” or “fat reduction”

The precise control of energy insertion, from surface to deep, came layer after layer. It felt like the instrument just knew about what is right for you.

After some baby lotion is applied, the instrument began to work on my legs. The temperature ran from 10 to 42℃.

The staff told me if it got too hot, let them know immediately.

The staff worked 15 minutes each for both of my legs.

After the work was done, we measured my thighs again, from 49.5 to 49.0 cm. Wonderful, 0.5 cm had gone.

It was just like a warming rotation on my legs, nothing uncomfortable.

I had a “C” treatment that day, which symbolizes the rear of my thigh.

The heat remained for a while afterwards, like the reddish parts on my legs. My left rear calve was also reddish ‘cause of the pads.

I took a lot of water the week since the treatment and did some light workouts. NICE suggested it would help metabolism and speed up my “beauty transformation”.

A week later, I measured myself again.

From 49.0 to 47.0, another 2cm gone!

I was so happy and satisfied.

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