Vital Injector Benefits

Vital Injector (water mesotherapy) injects Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Botox and other elements into the dermis layer to revive the aging skin.

Vital Injector enables the skin layers to absorb and store up to 1000 times as rich as one’s body weight, so that skin tissues are revived to show smoothness, softness and brightness.

  • Vital Injection can solve issues from aging skin by eliminating wrinkles and pigments, while bringing moisture, smooth and whitened skin back.
  • Vital Injection can be applied through dimensional injection, 3D threading/stent, or multi-needle procedures.
  • Vital Injection is applicable to face, neck, hands and arms.
  • Vital Injection offers skin tightening, brightening and elasticity.

Vital Injection

Vital Injector (Water Mesotherapy) injects Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Botox and other elements into the dermis layer to rejuvenate the aging skin with smoothness, brightness and elasticity, while removing stretch marks.

The needles of Vital Injection are adjustable and we adopt the exclusive 31G design to minimize any potential discomfort and allow custom injections.


Vital Injection shows instant results in one treatment. In NICE Clinic, we supply each course with 3 treatments. The elements in each injection may vary depending on one’s skin condition. For optimal results, we suggest a complete course with 3 injections and it will last around 12 to 18 months.

Safety Considerations

Physicians of NICE Clinic will apply cleaning and anesthetic procedures on the areas of the face where the injection will be applied. There could be a slight soreness like an insect bite.

Cautions After Treatment

  • Slight bruise may appear after the treatment and would normally disappear after 3 days.
  • If additional treatment is requested, please consult with your physicians first.
  • Avoid soaking in sauna or hot spring within two weeks after the treatment.
  • For those using medicine like Warfarin or some health supplements with similar effect, it is necessary to consult with your physician first.
  • The treatment is not recommended for those with very thin skin layer.

Recovery after Vital Injection

A Vital Injection treatment takes approximately an hour to complete and the recovery only requires a few hours. Slight bruise might appear around the injected part after the treatment and shall disappear after 2 days. It is suggested to schedule your treatment on weekend to avoid interruption of your weekday routine.